Robot Batteries


Lead Acid AGM Batteries

These powerful lead-acid AGM batteries were designed for use in motorcycles and other power-hungry applications like jet skies and snowmobiles. They do not contain liquid electrolyte so they are spill-proof and they can be used in any orientation.


The MC-1250 is a 12V battery with a capacity of 5Ah. It weighs 3 pounds and measures 3.9" tall x 3.6" wide x 2.8" thick.

Use two of these batteries in Light weight kits.

MC-1250 - $24      Quantity



The MC-545 is a 12V battery with a capacity of 12Ah. It weighs 10 pounds and measures 5.9" tall x 5.8" wide x 3.4" thick.

Use two or four of these batteries in the Middle and Heavy weight robots.




MC-545 - $79      Quantity



The MC-680 is a 12V battery with a capacity of 18Ah. It weighs 12.5 pounds and measures 6.6" tall x 7.1" wide x 3.0" thick.

Use two of these batteries in Middle and Heavy weight kits with two motors. The MC-680 will not fit in kits with four motors. Use the MC-545 battery in kits with four motors.

MC-680 - $79      Quantity



Battery Charger for Lead Acid Batteries

The 3.5 Amp Charger does not require a separate power supply. It plugs right into your wall outlet. It uses a state-of-the-art three-stage charging cycle. It starts with a high-current fast charge until the battery voltage reaches 29.6. Then it charges at a constant 29.6V until the current drops below 500mA. Then it switches to a trickle charge and holds the battery at 27.6V. The charger can remain connected for long-term storage keeping the battery in a state of full charge.

This charger comes with a separate "XLR" charging port which you can mount directly on your robot for convenient plug-in charging.

Lead Acid Charger - $69      Quantity


Notes on lead acid batteries:
To get the most life out of your lead acid batteries recharge them after every use. Leaving them in a partially discharged state reduces their useful life. When a battery is in storage recharge it every 3 months in cold weather and every month if warm - or keep it on a continuous trickle charge.



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