Five-Inch Conversion

Use this kit to convert your BattleKit from the standard 4-inch wheels to 5-inch wheels.

The kit includes
  • Four 5-inch wheels with our custom hubs and 28-tooth sprockets
  • Four special-length roller chain
  • Drawings for new axle locations and clearance for the larger wheels

The final reduction ratio remains approximately the same with the larger wheels and larger sprockets. Top speed will be reduced about 15% compared to the smaller wheels with the standard sprockets, and acceleration and torque will be increased about 15%.

Ground clearance will be increased to about 1.8 inches if you use our suggested axle location, or you can choose your own custom location for reduced ground clearance.

Note that this conversion requires drilling new axle holes in the frames and machining of some aluminum to make room for the larger wheels. Drawings for the modifications are available here:

5-Inch Conversion Kit - $199 Quantity